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We are team of talented tech geeks transforming the world into Digital Technology Systems.

About us

We started in 2021 with a vision to bring future cutting edge technologies to MSME and rural India. Our mission is to build artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision, cloud, apps, web and enterprise applications to help micro, small and medium enterprises in their growth.

We help companies in their digital transformation with AI, Analytics, Automation.

DivineAI is India’s budding upskilling platform for industry-level technical skills for Job Seekers inclined to develop their all-around ability and technical skills to tackle complex situations and issues.

Why are we Different?

Fast Services

We are here to ensure the timely delivery of your product, with max efficiency.

Expert Team

Group of interdependent team members with a high level of task-related expertise and the mastering of team processes

Affordable services

We runs with a moto"If something is affordable, most people have enough money to buy it

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612, 6th floor,Dlf Cybercity ,Bhubaneswar