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These are some of the interships we are offering

Campus Influencers

An influencer is an online personality who impacts their followers' purchasing decisions based on their reputation. They use their online presence, mostly on social media platforms and blogs, to partner with brands they use and create content that advertises products or services of those companies.


A marketing intern assists a company in its marketing and advertising efforts. The marketing intern may be involved in many tasks, including identifying marketing needs, designing marketing materials and working with team members to evaluate current marketing efforts.

UI/UX Designers

Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like. Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows. Collaborate with the design team to define the UX & UI of the product.

Data Science

Data Scientist is one of the hottest professions. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong growth in the data science field and predicts the number of jobs will increase by about 28% through 2026. Simplilearn's Data Science certification course co-developed with Divine encourages you to master skills data mining, clustering, decision trees, data visualization, regression models, recommendation engine, supervised, and unsupervised learning and more.

Social Media Managing

A Social Media Intern, or Social Media Marketing Intern, is responsible for assisting in a range of marketing initiatives within an organization. Their duties include tracking analytics for social media campaigns, creating social media posting schedules and writing captions for social media posts.

Content Creator

Assisting the creative team with the design of promotional materials. Using social media to engage consumers, respond to questions or complaints, and to promote company initiatives. Collaborating with internal departments to establish campaign objectives, complete tasks, and identify and solve problems.

Our Team

These are some of the appraises from those who worked with us.

Monalisa Boitai

Student, Trident Academy of Technology

My experience with DivineAI has been great. I gained a lot of skills and knowledge in the field of Data Science . I know I would not have known what to expect if I had not done the internship, and it confirmed by interest in the field. I was able to find the correct fit for me with their guidance and encouragement, as well as come out of the experience much more confident in my talents and future career goals. Amazing opportunity to learn a real life job.

Padmini Priyadarsini Mishra

Student, Trident Academy of Technology

The internship experience was everything that I hoped it would be! Everyone I was in contact with was extremely accommodating, helpful and efficient.They encouraged questions and asked for my feedback on ways in which they could improve my learning experience and the internship programme for future interns.This intership gave an excellent addition to my CV, this internship, and the additional skills (communication, active listening, networking, emotional intelligence) I acquired during my time will be beneficial to any future roles I have. Furthermore, receiving positive feedback from my supervisors and being commended on my efforts massively boosted my confidence. It has been a great experience working with all the employees and the course was effective.

Monali Monalisha Sahoo

Student, Trident Academy of Technology

Interning at divine AI has imparted me a lot . I thoroughly enjoyed my internship this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. My domain was data science and I learned more than I ever expected . Good experience to help determine career path. The process and procedures are very clear. It was good to have the experience.

Somyajyoti Talukdar

Student, Kalinga Institute of Industrial techonology

I started my journey in the path of technology through Devine Ai which was a stepping stone for me. Just in the Second year i was introduced to the vast domain of machine learning and i managed to learn a lot through the guidance and friendly approach of my dear respected mentor Debasis sir and all other seniors who helped me out at every step of my journey

Kamal nayan swain

Student, Trident Academy Of Technology

Interning at divine AI has imparted me with skills and qualities, providing me with greater knowledge and understanding . I established newfound confidence in myself and my abilities strengthening my career development. Initially, I was timid in my workplace at divine AI company. But as time goes I have more confidence in myself with the help of my senior.

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We do not look for pre-cooked leaders, but we identify those who aspire to grow to be one. Work remotely with Marketing specialists from DivineAI and nurture your skills. You will become the bridge between DivineAI internships and students striving to learn. Help your friends get some cool internships because you are “the chosen one.”

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