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Technologies in AI-ML & Deep learning

These are some of the services we are provide

Big Data

At Divine AI, we execute Big Data to your organization, we gather parcel of information from different channels and interaction, with profound calculation to drive the significant data, that assist you with embracing changes which are expected to meet clients, showcasing and scale-up prerequisite.


We at Divine AI investigate the AI administrations, that is delivered in different areas across the world. Artificial Intelligence assists your business with driving significant choices from the information. It is utilized to increase the administration, advertisement and product as well.


We, at Divine AI, assemble excellent and versatile decentralized applications that guarantee security for huge scope undertakings and new companies. Our group holds aptitude in building Blockchain solutions, sorting out where blockchain can be applied to your business and beat the opposition that your rivals would never have envisioned!

Data Analytics

We, at Divine AI, utilize and analyse data analytics and it's components to further develop tasks, increment income, and work with advanced changes.


We, at Divine AI, focus on having amazing and adaptable decentralized applications based on NLP such as searching autocorrect and autocomplete, Language translator, social media monitoring, chatbots, survey analysis etc.

Computer Vision

We, at Divine AI, constantly works on updating and training our models to reciprocate according to real world changes involving computer vision such as defect detection, intruder detection, assembly verification, screen reader etc.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

We, at Divine AI, use various data visualization and anaytics tools which can provide a more comprehensive view of our organization's data, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market changes. Along with this, addition of AI and ML in this field has let us to create a more robust and definitive consulting service. We assure that our consulting service would help your company in achieving its goals faster than predicted.

Business Intelligence Testing Services

We at Divine AI, offer a wide array of quality assured business intelligence testing services along with an option of selecting inter-services like data migration and data concurrency. Our services include Stress testing, performance testing, BI reports/analysis testing, ETL testing, E2E regression and application usability testing.

Business Intelligence Integration Services

We, at Divine AI, significantly reduces the manual load and makes the use of cutting-edge AI models specifically trained for carrying out these kind of services reducing the possibilities of error with increased security with reduced operational costs. We constantly focus on finding out the best practices to manage your data in best way possible for quick and secure access.


We at Divine AI, use PyTorch to provide enterprise support in our cloud platforms, which comes bundled with prioritized troubleshooting and integration of other Azure solutions. Our team works hard in making it easy to implement for enterprises with complicated real-world production initiatives.


Keras plays a major role in implemeting end-to-end computational engines which power most of our AI and ML models. It’s easy to use methods, neural layers, cost configurations and strong guiding principles are what made this an instant success. We, at Divine AI use this along with python, for creating easy to extend modules efficiently.

Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)

LSTM Networks help us in identifying and predicting outcomes of training models in the form of event logs or case executions. We, at Divine AI use these to provide valuable inputs for planning and resource allocation and also to solve problems that require high amount of sequence detection strategies.