IoT & Cloud Technologies

These are some of the technologies that we use.

Technologies Used

Raspberry Pi

We design robust IoT systems using Raspberry Pi as it can serve as the “Internet Gateway” for IoT devices. Powered by a cloud network, Pi acts as a web server for uploading and transiting sensor data on IoT platforms,which fulfills your fundamental system needs via a single device.


Our objective to satisfy your IoT system requirements seem possible with Arduino and Arduino IoT Cloud which is an application that helps us to build connected objects in a quick, easy and secure way. We are connect multiple devices to each other and allow them to exchange real-time data and provide smart solutions that can connect your smartphones with multiple remote devices.

NodeMCU ESP8266

Your desire for low cost and high feature IoT systems can be satisfied by ESP8266 which makes it an ideal module for Internet Of Things (IoT). It can be used in any application that require it to connect a device to local network or internet which brings value to your business with improves efficiency, accuracy and cost-saving.

Amazon AWS

We strive towards delivering cutting edge cloud solutions that align with your business which is possible through Amazon AWS. It’s cloud applications provided greater security, scalability and accessibility across all devices.

Microsoft Azure

We aim provide Azure Cloud services to simplify your cloud transformation journey and ensure seamless deployment of Azure cloud apps by harnessing years of expertise and experience in developing, deploying and managing Windows Azure solutions.

Google Cloud

Our goal towards streamlining workflows, enabling automation, machine learning, and more is made possible through Google Cloud which ensures to take care of an organization’s entire IT needs and match up to your business requirements.