Web Technologies

These are some of the technologies that we use.

Technologies Used


DIVINE AI team developers have vast experience in developing applications based on HTML platform with high end technologies. We understand that building applications is not the end of the journey our clients with analysis and design, up to maintenance and technical support, to provide a broad range of software service. Our clients will add customized features to introduce new functionality aligning with your company’s goals and requirements.


DIVINE AI team harnessing the power of expressive and innovative syntax, we create wonderful applications based on CSS for you. We work on current development and maintenance. Our team is full of enthusiastic and experienced in CSS development. We are ready to help you design your web page using the state of art technology.


DIVINE AI java script team developers is rich in experience in the java script coding and design scalable solutions for various industries from simple single page applications to complex enterprise systems of multiple modules. Our team provides ongoing and post-production support for our solutions to make sure they comply with the latest updates and trends.


DIVINE AI offers its well-knit team of skilled SQL developers with a solid knowledge of the latest trends, we will ensure your solution hits the mark with its audience. Our team will bring together all the latest available resources to implement your wild ideas.


DIVINE AI team delivers an extensive set of tools to make My SQL development simple and convenient. Our experts build and upgrade your business enterprise and expand it into a new market place globally. In our work, we apply latest My SQL technologies and framework for proper implementation.


DIVINE AI team creates secure, scalable and dynamic solutions for a wide range of business needs. Our team designs solutions that contribute to companies’ success. We implement all the necessary expertise and knowledge fully adapted to your business needs. Be it sites, versatile applications, individual applications or endeavor arrangement, we offer astounding PHP improvement benefit.


DIVINE AI java experts provides enterprise oriented software development to help companies in their planning’s and management process. Our dedicated java experts will transform your wild ideas into the working software which always ensure that the chosen technology conforms to the client’s business and specifies of an organization.


DIVINE AI team build scalable and high performance web applications. We help our clients unlock the potential of their imaginations by providing scalable applications developed with Node JS. Our service is top-notch and our Node JS developers are highly experienced, which means you will stay with us for a long time.


DIVINE AI team helps you stay competitive and provide continuous support to let your apps evolve alongside the changing market requirements. Our JS development team is rich in experience in the JS coding and close by it taken a shot at different JS framework. Making fruitful web-applications is tied with having our proficient team.


DIVINE AI team has extensive experience in creating high end web applications. We help our clients to be in the front row by migrating the projects to modern and popular technologies. Our team also provides integrating other technologies and your ideas into your product to make it more efficient.


Custom software for startup and enterprises. We use the time-saving features of Angular to ensure the most efficient use of budget and decrease the time to market. DIVINE AI team develops fast and secure applications using Angular. We are passionate about transferring your wildest ideas to scaled, efficient and well-performed web platforms successfully functioning in Digital World. Our experts will be your experts. We will provide everything they need to work effectively, and you will be able to manage them the way you see fit.

React Native

DIVINE AI team aims to bring out the most of its tech experts to in React Native development in-depth knowledge to let you benefit from fully featured cost-effective cross platform solutions that look and feel exactly like native apps. We give fair advantage to your digital exceptional blend of skill set in react and time proven methodologies.


DIVINE AI team provide fast and most cost-effective way to release your ideas through applications to the market. Our team is always looking for its next challenge and couldn’t wait to explore more on python. We receive requests for python skilled developers from a lot of people responsible for IT staffing and outsourcing. We successfully develop software in tradition project management apps.


DIVINE AI Django developers have the proficiency to create engaging experiences and custom functionalities. Our team focus remains on your requirement and your success. We believe in providing simplified Django solutions to your quests. Leveraging our expertise and experience in Django development, is all aimed to drive growth and push your business stand above the competition.


DIVINE AI team has evolved to be an innovative framework making flask even better and useful. Taking the world of web development by storm, our team has captivated the developers with its amazing feature. Offering versatility, scalability and fast extension ability and high development speed, it is highly preferred by the clients as well.

Android MongoDB

DIVINE AI team has unleashed the power of innovation and incorporated an array of revolutionary features. Stimulate your business growth and get the impeccable solution in Android MongoDB that generate dynamic and architecturally clean applications.

Java J2EE

DIVINE AI team has qualified experts from our Java J2EE web development who are ready to consult you about your future software project. Our team help the clients get the most out of this emerging invented technology. Our experts bring most creative, high performing and result oriented web development solutions to your business.